Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a still life

Two posts in a day!

More breakfast with Iv. We wanted something simple and went to one of the open cafes down Centre Place. I had toasted muesli with yoghurt and Iv had porridge with banana. Our love affair with breakfast is never ending. Next week we are heading to Roule Galette which is exciting.
Also, that red fish on Iv's hand is a 'fortune fish' (that we played with later on during a coffee at Brunetti's). Basically, you let it sit on your hand and a couple of seconds later it moves in a certain direction, reading your fortune. It told me I was fickle and indifferent. And it's probably right..

A small night out on Brunswick St with Leigh, Tania, Al, Jess, Karl, Josh and SJ. Our original plan was Bimbo's, but that place is the worst on a Saturday night. So we tried Retro Cafe, but they were closing. They directed us to Palookaville, which was a good choice in the end. They had a nice atmosphere going. It wasn't uncomfortably crowded and all meals were $12. Most definitely recommended.

Chicken Parma-ish
Asian Salt & Pepper Squid
I can't recall what this was as it was a special, but it's duck.

Almost updated!

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