Thursday, April 1, 2010

my melbourne loves

These are the things I like to do in Melbourne. Things I believe everyone should do at least once. I guess this is my very own Melbourne Guide of some sort.

  • Go to Public Bar. Monday. $4.50 jugs. You will have an interesting night, guaranteed:

  • Visit Rooftop Bar on a sunny afternoon (or anytime of the day, really). They have the best (largest) lemon lime bitters out, if that is even possible:

  • Have a picnic at Treasury / Fitzroy Gardens, preferably in Summer:
Autumn walks with the leaves are also good:
If you go at night, watch out for squirrels

  • Get a bunch of friends and have an all-you-can-eat dinner for $12 at Shanghai Dumpling House (Warning: dumpling regret will occur so don't do this often, only when you are extremely broke):

  • Have an intimate dinner anywhere on Degraves...:
or breakfast if you're that way inclined:

  • Go wandering around the city streets:

  • Or Sister Bella:

  • The Toff will always be one of my favourite venues:

  • And if you ever have plans at the Toff, eat at Cookie beforehand:

My two favourite places to eat breakfast:
  • Las Chicas

There are a bunch of other places I would recommend, but I guess I wanted photographs to accompany my suggestions. This will be constantly updated, so keep an eye out.


  1. love little cupcakes! red velvet is my favourite there
    i think i'll definitely be hanging around there more as winter creeps in! :)

  2. wow i've only done 3 of the things on your list. i will def be stopping by a few of your recommendations. love the food pictures- food pics ftw!

  3. Amazing! Definitely trying out some places I've never been. Thank you for this!