Wednesday, March 31, 2010

glory gongs

A month or so ago, Tania and I being the amazing friends we are, ventured out to Ruby's in Belgrave to see Leigh play with his new band She's An Ocean. It was an interesting night that went something like this...

Waiting for Tania to get some fuel for the roadtrip we were about to go on.

Here's an interesting story: Tania, Leigh and I went to get some fresh air. A rowdy car drove by and tried to egg us. We are egg-vincible and it hit the guys next to us instead.
Josh Venn
The cutest
Free hugs allll night.Belgrave brings out the seriousness in Leigh and Al well as Karl and Josh?
Alex says hiThen somebody decided pizza was on the cards so we went searching. Unfortunately nothing was really open at 12am on a Saturday night. Good work, Belgrave.
Bienie making a mess

I don't really know why, but Pancake Parlour was mentioned. Before I knew it, we were driving along the swervy roads to Fountain Gate. It took 20 minutes to get there. The East is a strange, strange place.
We had delicious pancakes, so you could say it was worth it.
I ate a little bit of that pineapple. Pineapple remains to be the worst food ever hands down without a doubt etc,
This is what I had
End result
After that everyone decided it was home time. Tania and I missed our exit and drove in the wrong direction. We ended up in Pakenham. Good night.

P.S Super late post. I didn't have a steady hand that night either so these photos are pretty bad. Apologies.

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