Wednesday, October 7, 2009

where the people do drugs

Exam-stress-shopping: Rubi shoes (think they'll last me the whole summer?), birdy whistle necklace and pink blouse from Etsy, Ivory tights from Fat, black hooded dress from ASOS and two tickets to WHY?


  1. oooh i love the way you've tied your tights. cute idea.
    i recently walked into rubi and had a good look around for the first time's so amazing and cheap and i have no idea why i never actually considered buying shoes from there.

  2. Thanks! And I agreeee. But the smell...I can't stay there long. It's not tooo bad considering they are fairly cheap :)

  3. i thought the bow was like on the dress, hahaha
    and i so want that camera necklace! where'd you get it from?

  4. Thank youuu. I bought it from a shop called Icon. I don't think they have them anymore! Although I am 80% sure there are a few floating around Etsy...