Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is what I did after I had my three hour exam on Business Communication.
Grill'd with Nick.
We shared chips and admired the new Grill'd on Degraves.
Then I went to see Jens Lekman and El Perro Del Mar at Polyester.
Look at that guy.
Here they are singing a song together in Swedish.
El Perro Del Mar.

What? I'm not spying on Jens or nothin'. He was wearing a lavender in his pocket that matched his purple socks. It was adorableeeee. Go to my Flickr for a better view.
Then I took the old train home. I decided these trains are better because their seats have ten times the cushiony goodness.
I met up with Anne and had a hot mint chocolate. We shared a banana chocolate pizza : )

I also loitered around Jens and managed to get a photo with him (and El Perro Del Mar) but they are for my eyes only. However he did take out the lavender in his pocket and held it against his chest so it *almost* looks like he's giving it to me :')

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