Sunday, January 29, 2012

january instagram

Townhouses at Workers Club, supporting Prince Sunarawma.
Tried a new lipstick before a night out. It was ok.
Adorable Sarah.
Lots of delicious pizza at Oskar in North Melbourne. Recommended.
 A photo of a mixed berry smooth, basil and my brown clogs.
Wishing I had the guts to cut my hair this short.
Ice cream in Port Melbourne.
India memories. I didn't think it was possible but I miss the place more and more each day.
A lovely guy with his new New Balances earlier on in the month.
I'm doing a great job of saving with all the single serves of cous cous I'm eating >.>
Post-yoga walks.
Wagyu beef bento box at Moshi Moshi.
More Japanese food! This time with Matthew in Sydney.
A photo of my wall.
Sitting on a Sydney train.
Visited the MCA in Sydney and saw a great exhibition on what should have been my last day there (until Jetstar cancelled my flight).

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