Tuesday, December 6, 2011


On this day I wrote about 2000 words and ate one too many delicious milk chews.

On this day there was only 44 days until I left for India!

On this day I went out to see Kurt Vile.

Outfit post #1

Outfit post #2

On this day I was obviously very excited about Laneway.

On this day I saw Midlake. It was so incredible I had to steal the setlist.

Outfit #3: APC chambray shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Nu & Nan desert boots.

One this day I took a picture of the first gift my boyfriend gave me.

On this day I hospitalised for the first time (nothing major).

On this day I had my last exam for the year and rewarded myself with clogs!

On this day I was nursing my extremely sore knees after falling on them in a game of futsal.

On this day I cut my hair the shortest it has been in a loooooong time (2010).

On this day (2009) I got another haircut AND got my hair straightened.

On this day Karl and I did not listen to the lecture we were in and instead took a bunch of photos.

On this day I received a postcard from Leon all the way from India!

On this day I received this adorable necklace from Tegan.

And on this day, Matthew was shy.

The end.

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