Thursday, April 14, 2011

four months of iphone photos

Jan 3rd: Matthew and I had dinner at Hooked for the first time. I, of course, opt for the meal where everything is fried while Matthew gets the grilled fish and salad. I had one calamari and a few chips then almost died from consuming too much oil. Those sweet potato chips were a real nice touch, though.

Jan 8th: My super adorable workmates organised a late Secret Santa. We went to Urbany, had pizza then went next door and had drinks at Prudence. Jo got me lots of brooches and a magnet kit to 'pull moves' on my 'lover'.

Jan 9th: James came to Melbourne for a visit. We, along with Davies, went to Fraus and had breakfast. Pictured here are the Parmesan Eggs and a latte. Yay North Melbourne.

Jan 10th: Tania and I took Leigh to Tandoori Times for his birthday. Matthew and Karl came along and a nice night was had at various bars in Fitzroy. Pictured here are my two biggest loves.

Jan 13th: A few days later it was Matthew's 22nd so we flew to Sydney for some good times. Here's a sneaky picture of him trying on a birthday present.

Jan 14th: Still in Sydney, we were on our way to Tim and Peta's place for pizza and TV. How about those Sydney trains, eh?

Jan 19th: Even though I had to go back to work, lunches like these make it worth it. This is a Delhi-style lamb curry from Salford Lads Club.

Jan 22nd: At my other job, I finally get to wear one of the brooches that Jo got me for Christmas.

Jan 26th: Here is cheeky Nathan being an 'adventurer'. It was Australia day and we ate lots of sausages and played lots of Call of Duty.

Jan 27th: The next morning Matthew and I went to have breakfast at the Lux Foundry, the best place in Brunswick. I'm gonna miss you Emilio.

Feb 5th: Pre-Laneway festival breakfast. The yoghurt and almonds were so good but the honey was not.

Tania and I gorged on these Korean twisty potato things all day, oblivious to the confused stares that we received. Laneway was a bore.

Our view for Deerhunter.

Feb 12th: Matthew and I went to a football game with Tab and Chris. Look at dem clouds.

Feb 14th: Matthew leaving his place. I'm sure he'll look back on this photo one day and miss this house.

I caught Matthew being his super sleepy self. I'm also really pleased with myself, clearly. Don't take photos while you drive, kids.

Feb 15th: We didn't do much on Valentine's Day, but made up for it with breakfast at Las Chicas.

Feb 21st: Another work lunch. We drove all the way out to St. Kilda for good sushi because our boss was out of the country. This edamame was the ultimate disappointment.

Admiring all the Port Melbourne houses. I'll live in you one day, PM.

Feb 23rd: On my way to Ali's birthday breakfast with flowers.

The super nice people at Las Chicas brought her a cupcake and sparkler. Awwwwwwwww.

That night we all went out for dinner at Mexicali Rose. Here is a bad quality photo of giggly Sarah and I.

Feb 27th: In bed with a napping Matthew. He had suddenly turned and as a result I was paralysed in fear of waking him up. I took this photo and my leg fell asleep soon after.

Feb 28th: Moooore work lunches. This was at Salford Lads Club where I tried my first ever goat curry.

March 1st: Can't wait to earn all the money and buy a nice house in Port Melbourne.

March 4th: Back when it was summer, Lux would open Friday nights and serve pizza and small tapas. As usual, we were struggling with what to have for dinner when Lux's status changed to something like, 'Lamb cutlets are back on tonight's menu!'

March 6th: I took the super amazing Sarah out for her birthday at Fraus. Matthew and Nathan came along too and we spent a good few hours talking about nothing. A good day of good weather and good company. Good.

March 11th: Alex and I had impromptu hangs at Brunetti's. We spoke about feelings and girls (really).

March 13th: We had dinner at Palookaville with Tabitha, Davies and Gibba after Bimbo's was a bust. Followed by pool, of course.

March 20th: On a fine Sunday morning when Ali and I both had the day off, we all met up for breakfast at 1000 Pound Bend. I still can't decide if their breakfast burrito was good or not.

I saw this on the way back to Matthew's.

March 25th: Gibb invited me out to have dinner at Ramen Ya (it was my first time and a love affair was born) with da boyz. My bento box was nice and I didn't get a parking ticket. Davies also got an amazing job this day. We semi-celebrated with teriyaki chicken.

March 28th: I had the urge to buy some herbs one day after work and came home with sweet basil, coriander, and triple curl parsley. My dad eventually planted them for me and they've been blooming ever since.

Gibb gets what he deserves after terrorising me on chat as usual.

March 29th: Matthew was in Sydney for a few days. I think that's why I bought the plants. We went to Lux before he jetted off to work again. There's nothing better than warm banana bread.

March 30th: The next day we went into Deakin. We ditched his last class and went to Ramen Ya instead. On this day I found out I'm not entitled to a concession card and I wanted to die because of it.

April 5th: After a busy morning I bought a soccer ball. I don't know who I am, either.

About to roast some chickpeas with many a Moroccan spice.

On this day we also went to trivia. Here is Matthew drinking a very nice wine. It's beer.

April 7th: I stumbled across an Earl Grey cupcake recipe and made them IMMEDIATELY as it was a nothing day. They did not disappoint. Don't be shy on the tea leaves though. I wish I put another teaspoon in.

April 8th: Breakfast at home: Bacon, poached eggs with mustard mayo, fresh roma tomatoes and basil (from my herb garden!)

That night Matthew and I just can't help ourselves and go to Ramen Ya again. Those bento boxes!!

Attractive ceiling.

April 9th: The next day I drove to work from Matthew's and took this photo while stuck in traffic. I'm not sure either.

Workin' hard.

That night we went to see James/Wintercoats play. That guy, what a babe.

April 10th: Soooo, here are my legs post-indoor. My mind was ready but my body wasn't and I fell over. Mind you, that bruise is 10x worse now and I'm going to get the most awful scarring from that graze. Physical exertion, eh?

April 11th: We both had work the next day. Here is sleepy Matthew not getting up and being a cuddly caterpillar in my bed.


April 12th: I went to work for no reason as the rain tore through the roof made working at my desk impossible. So I went home and enjoyed the weather instead.

(Somebody take me to the Hopetoun Tea Rooms please)

That night was Damo's last ever trivia. We played a lot of pool in the room that smells like socks.

April 13th: His and hers

Today: Matthew and I took a study break and kicked the footyball around. Here is my ridiculous attire.

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