Thursday, December 17, 2009


Some photos from the first day at Meredith. I regrettably didn't take my camera around as much as I should have. Watching bands plus holding beer plus dancing plus trying to take decent photos is a lot harder than I thought, so I gave up.

Friday's highlights:
  • watching Akron/Family open with River. I simultaneously had this burst of happiness wash over me. Dancing to one of my favourite songs of this year with my favourite people makes everything seem mediocre in comparison.
  • having Andreas pass out and trying to wake him up with hilarious results.
  • meeting Tim and Peta and Morris.
  • having Grace and Matthew and Tim and Peta camp with us.
  • munching on bread in our tent at 4am.
  • waking up for YACHT yet only managing to stand upright for one song.

I haven't left the house since I've been back, however. I'll never get sunburnt again.

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