Monday, September 28, 2009

spring tones

The Woollen Kits!


Aleks and The Ramps:


Saturday: worked 9-5, went home, got dressed, picked up by Tania, drove into the city, went to Roxanne's, saw The Woollen Kits, had a beer, walked around, saw Rat Vs Possum who were so so great, cursed a little for not getting any good pictures of them, walked some more, watched Super Wild Horses for a teeny bit, met Leon, excitedly kept my eyes on Ducktails who unfortunately played for 20 minutes tops, waited around for Aleks and The Ramps, had fun, met Jenna, more beer, got Aleks' setlist ♥, pretty Bachelorette, hung out with Tania and Nathan and Nick and Shaun and Grant and Leigh and Andreas and Tegan and Sarah and James, tried to watch The UV Race over the impossibly tall people in front of me, met Ben again, saw about 2 minutes of St. Helens but then decided it was home time. My body still hurts today.

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  1. Sounds like a great night; live music rocks!
    Cute blog too.